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Fataway offers many services for removing your used cooking oil. Fataway recognizes that some businesses are limited in bin/service area and therefore have developed several options to suit your requirements. Whether you have room for a 400L tank, 200L drum or are limited in space and require a 60L drum


Considering The Environment
In order to assist you to comply with the Environmental Protection (unauthorized Discharge) Regulations 2004 we have designed a "drip tray" for use with drums.
The purpose of the "drip tray" is to collect overflows, thereby reducing the risk cooking oils seeping into the environment or waterways.

Safety is Our Concern
The oil transfer unit holds 50L and is designed to fit under the fryer outlet for the safe decantering of warm oils. This unit has a clamp down lid to avoid spillage, is pushed to the Fataway collection point and pumped into the used cooking oil container.

Recycling Process


Fataway takes your used cooking oil, cleans and processes it, and sends it back to the farmer to be used in the manufacture of stock feed.

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