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Largest Used Cooking Oil Recycling Company in Western Australia
Fataway collects used cooking oil from fast food outlets, restaurants and cafes and is the largest company to do so in Western Australia. The product is recycled and ends up in the manufacturer of stock feed for animals supporting our Western Australian farmers.
Bulk Tank
Bulk Tank
200L Drum
200 ltr Drum
Drip Tray
Fat House
IBC 1000 Ltr Pallacons
IBC 1000 Ltr Pallacons
Oil Transfer Unit
Oil Transfer Unit
Bulk Tank
Bulk Tank

Dimensions Of Equipment

•  400L Bulk Tank -  880mm (L) x 710mm (W)
    x 810mm (H)
•  60L Drum - 600mm (H) x 400mm (W)
•  200L Drum - 600mm (H) x 400mm (W) •  With trolly - 870mm (H) x 405mm (W)
•   Fat House -820B 1200mm (H) x 730mm (W)

NEW to our range of products

Fataway Automatic Bulk System
This tank is designed to limit the manual handling of Used Cooking Oil (UCO). In using the Fataway Oil Transfer Unit with this system you are helping protect your staff - this system will help assist your business in your Occupational Health and Safety obligations.

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